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Week 12

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Week 12    EDTC 6340 Advanced Applications of Technology

Session Plan and Activities

This week, you will be working on your fourth Web 2.0 technology - the timeline using Capzles.  In addition, you will continue concentrating on your Web 2.0 personal choice applications in preparation of your Collaborate presentations. You will be reading Chapter 10 in your text and reflect on the readings in your text. Finally, the Web 2.0 Technology presentations begin this week.


iNacol Standards Addressed
B1 Knows and understands the use of an array of grade-appropriate online tools for communication, productivity, collaboration, analysis, presentation, research, and content delivery.

  • Is able to select and use a variety of online tools for communication, productivity, collaboration, analysis, presentation, research, and online content delivery as appropriate to the content area and student needs.

B2 Knows and understands the use of emerging technologies in a variety of mediums for teaching and learning, based on student needs.

  • Is able to effectively use and incorporate subject-specific and developmentally appropriate technologies, tools, and resources.

B5 Knows and understands the need to continuously update their knowledge and skills for using the evolving technology tools that support online learning.

  • Is able to identify and explore new tools and test their applicability to their content areas and students.
C9 Knows and understands the need to establish and maintain ongoing and frequent teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, teacher-parent interaction, and teacher-mentor interaction.
  • Is able to provide a variety of ongoing and frequent teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, and teacher-parent interaction, and teacher-mentor interaction opportunities.

Please read the articles before class on Tuesday.

  • Week 12 Materials - this page
  • Chapter 10
Web 2.0 Presentations begin this week.
Due this Week

The actions you need to complete this week as well as directions for each activity follow.

Using Capzles - What is Capzles? Kate Caraway provides a nice overview of Capzles and how it can be used in your classroom.  If you click on the link at the end of the Prezi, you will be taken to a very nice resource page that can be added to your wiki.  Take some time to explore.



Below, you will find more good ideas and some of the things that you (or, more importantly, your students) can do with Capzles.


Capzles really is quite self-explanatory.  If you are not sure how to do something in the program and would like a tutorial, here is a nice tutorial on using Capzle in pdf format: http://mytechtutorials.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/capzles-quan1.pdf 


Now you do: What I want you to do now is to create a Capzles.  Please consider something that you would like to introduce/teach/inform/or share with your students, peers, co-workers, parents or even your boss, in the next few weeks. Develop a presentation in Capzles that includes at least the following:  

  • A single photo
  • A photo stack of at least 3 photos
  • One video
  • One Word, Excel, PPT, or PDF Document
  • A blog entry (which really is just a way of adding text to your Capzle)
  • Music
  • A "crafty" title
  • Then, make it nice (themes, etc.)
  • If not included on the uploaded media itself, for any attribution of photos, music or other materials that you need to include, add them to a final entry in a document (Word, word processing or pdf). 


Embed your Capzle in your wiki.





As educators, you know how much you can learn in collaborative activities - student-teacher, teacher-teacher and student-student.  Please review the article on Student-to-Student interaction: http://serc.carleton.edu/NAGTWorkshops/certop/imp_ssi.html for ideas on how you can provide this type of interaction in your classroom.  The article provides a review and description of various interactive strategies that you can use. The article includes three types of student interaction: interacting at different scales and engaging in discussion; working on open-ended problems to encourage in-depth conversations with each other and with the teacher; presenting ideas to others and to have all ideas respected.  Please include a reflection in your wiki on the importance of Student-to-Student interaction for the online learner.


Review each type of interaction under each category. After becoming familiar with the activities, select one activity under each category and briefly discuss how you could use one (or more) of the tools we have covered thus far to accomplish that type of interactivity and how the students would benefit.  For example, under "interacting at different scales and engaging in discussion," you might select the think-pair-share via Padlet.  Then, you would briefly explain (3-4 sentences) how Padlet could be used in this activity and how it would benefit the students.


Thus, you will select three interactive tasks, tell how the Web 2.0 tool would enhance the activity and what benefit would students derive from the activity. Please post these in your own wiki page.


Please continue with your personal Web 2.0 choices.


Read Chapter 10 of your text and reflect on the reading in your wiki.


Totally voluntary project follows.  I always believe the power of laughter in relieving stress and just making things go a little better. And I know that about now, everyone is feeling somewhat stressed.  So I am including the below video as a treat.  The story behind this "project" is: I was going to develop a Capzles of the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, TN.  This event is incredible to attend and I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the event. Alas, time ran out.  Later, (I promise) I will go back and complete the Capzle (that will include the video below).  But, until then, take a 15 minute break and watch and laugh.  The laughter  on the video is not canned - Bil Lepp is hilarious and a regular at the National Storytelling Festival. 



Have an absolutely wonderful week!

Capzle Rubric




Single Photo


Photo Stack


1 Video


1 Word, Excel, PPT or PDF


A blog entry




“Crafty” title


Customization (Theme)




Embed in Wiki










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